Help save Udney Park Playing Fields

The Udney Park playing fields have been sold by Imperial College London to Quantum, a Private Equity company, who intend to build on more than a third of the site.

Help preserve the legacy of the fields for sporting use and to prevent any inappropriate development.

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Plan B - Udney Park Playing Fields Trust

Udney Park Playing Fields Trust has been formed as a Charitable Trust and is ready to take over this wonderful heritage in trust for perpetuity for the benefit of the whole Teddington Community. We want to see the entire 12+acres together with a well-refurbished existing pavilion made available to all local sports clubs, community groups, Park Lane Stables, the Scouts etc.

The Trust is ready to provide Quantum with a graceful exit & work with TCSG CIC and other groups to achieve an outcome in which all can win.

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Friends of Udney Park Plan B

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We are being urged by concerned members of the community to challenge the PR from the current owners Quantum and the Sports Ground CIC. 

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The “Grubby Little Deal” The public outcry against this development is really growing. In the last newsletter you saw the public statements made by our councillors and other representatives against any development of the Udney site.

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Is this the future for Udney Park Playing Fields?

Quantum appear to favour developing the northern, Fullerton Court, end of the fields. Imagine what a massive impact that will have, not just on the available playing area but also on the schools and houses surrounding the site.

The impact of development

How you can help save UPPF

We are trying to save the playing fields from development by engaging with our local community and amateur and professional sports clubs to secure the best outcome for all concerned.

Quantum intend to build on over a third of the site which will reduce the number of football, rugby and cricket games that can be played.

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Who are FUPPF?

We are the Friends of Udney Park Playing Fields, a group of ordinary residents who live near these beautiful playing fields in Teddington. When we heard that Imperial College were planning to sell these fields we came together to try to influence the sale process so that these much-loved and much-needed playing fields were preserved.

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