The impact of development on the area

Quantum, a Dorset based Private Equity company, bought the playing fields from Imperial College London in 2015 for approximately £6 million. They intend to develop over a third of the site which will reduce the number of football pitches, rugby fields and cricket pitches that were previously available.

The plan gives a sense of what the land-grab could look like. The northern (Fullerton Court) end seems to be the favoured development area. You can see what a massive impact that has, not just on the available playing area but also on the houses surrounding the site.

Imagine the built area is 3-stories high or more, stretching between Udney Park Road and Kingston Lane. That said, it could be on any part of the site - from the last house on Cromwell Road by the tennis-courts right down to the corner with Kingston Lane.

Whichever way Quantum tries to play it, the impact on the playing area will be massive. Losing a third means no room for a cricket pitch and the loss of at least one entire football/rugby pitch, as well as the tennis-courts. Since Quantum purchased the site the netball and tennis courts have not been used.

The key point is that Richmond Borough has no explicit need for more retirement living capacity. Furthermore there are brownfield sites available which would be much more suited to the construction of retirement homes.