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Teddington locals' views wanted on controversial plans for Udney Park playing fields.

Residents are being asked for their views on controversial plans to build elderly care facilities on playing grounds in Teddington.

The Teddington Society

News from the planning group

The planning group has always opposed any loss of sports facilities at Udney Park and supports the work of the Friends of Udney Park Playing Fields (FUPPF) in resisting any form of development.

The “Grubby Little Deal”

Public outcry against this development is really growing. In the last newsletter you saw the public statements made by our councillors and other representatives against any development of the Udney site. In case you missed it, the Richmond & Twickenham Times front-page headline of last week is linked to was branded by Councillor Knight as a ‘grubby little deal’.

"Scandal and disgrace": Developers purchase protected Teddington playing fields

Councillor Knight has rightly been vocal in his rejection of Quantum’s masquerade and we thank him for his principled and passionate stand. The Council, so far, has been resolute in its opposition to development of the site. It recognizes that sport, exercise and healthy living are today’s key social themes and the loss of any space to play is another nail in the coffin of public health. Quantum’s ‘retirement living for the rich’ could be built on any brownfield site in the borough but, of course, they would not make such a fat profit as they expect to do on the knocked-down price they bought Udney for.

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Udney Park playing fields gesture branded a ‘grubby little deal’

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Teddington Town

Udney Park Playing Fields – Final Consultation Reminder


Udney Park Playing Fields - The Heart of Teddington

War Memorials Online

Sadly the Playing Fields have fallen into disuse since the hedge fund acquired the War Memorial. So far the Pavilion is undamaged. We are hopeful the Fields can be reopened for use, that is why they were donated.