Save udney park playing fields


Teddington is desperately short of green space for our community to use for sport and keeping ourselves and our families fit and healthy.

In 2015, a Private Equity Developer bought 12.7 acres of green-field space for just £6m and they want to build a multi-million-pound development on a large swathe of the space.   Building on green space makes no sense when there are so many alternative brown-field sites available in the borough.


Teddington is an amazing family-focused town and we need more, not less green space.

SEE What others have to say about building on Udney Park

"Community team sport really matters, and community sport in Teddington is one of the reasons that makes the area so special. Kids that get into enjoying sport when they are young tend to stay involved in sport.  


Playing Fields are really important and it is vital that we protect them for this generation and future generations. London 2012 inspired greater participation in community sport and local clubs often have waiting lists for kids, we need every inch of space for sport at Udney Park to be saved from development."  Mo Farah  

"Despite our huge numbers, we do not have a home ground and rent council pitches all 
around the local area, in Hampton, Whitton and Teddington.  Local green space is at a 
premium and to build on existing sporting pitches like Udney Park is a travesty for clubs 
like ours and deprives future generations of children from playing sport in the 
community and pushes them on to their Xboxes instead.


If we continue to build on 
green space and take away local sporting facilities then we can only expect the 
outcome to be the growing problem of childhood obesity and the strain that is putting on 
the NHS." Hearts of Teddlothian FC Chair and Vice Chair  

"The worldwide parkrun movement started its life in Teddington in 2004 in one of our local green spaces. We use green spaces to bring together local communities around the basic theme of getting active. Our movement has been incredibly successful in assisting over 109,000 previously inactive people to become active, changing their lifestyles. 


Ensuring Udney Park stays available to sport and recreation is a critical factor in ensuring that the long-term health of the local area and eventually the nation. There are many studies available proving the benefits of improved health through access to green spaces."  Paul Sinton-Hewitt - Founder of Parkrun

"The proposal will result in a significant quantitive loss of playing field on a site identified in the Council’s Playing Pitch Strategy as a Strategic (High Priority) Site."  

"I am a local resident who passionately loves our town and wants to see all of the playing fields protected for the community to enjoy for years to come. I see no reason to build the proposed development on our green space, when browfield sites are available in Teddington.


Plan B opens up all of the playing fields to our community without a large concrete development and the associated problems of traffic, parking and pollution." Local Teddington Resident   

“The LPPF position on the application is clear; it cannot support a proposal  that leads to a net loss of sports pitches.” Alex Welsh, CEO London Playing Fields Foundation  



green space for playing sport reduced by 50%
100% GREEN SPACE for playing sport
Email your local councillors
Save Udney Park Fields


Help us save the playing fields from development by writing to your local councillors and to our local MP Sir Vince Cable saying how important it is that the playing fields are preserved and that any development on this site would be extremely unwelcome.

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Sign our National Petition
Save Outdoor Sports-Fields

We are running a national campaign to Save Outdoor Sports Fieldsfrom speculative property developers.

Grass playing pitches are a vital national asset, part of our country's Green Infrastructure, and crucial to our physical health and mental wellbeing.

Government National Planning Policy is clear "playing fields should not be built on". However, some aggressive property developers are buying playing fields and hoping to wear down Planning Policy.


We are the Friends of Udney Park Playing Fields, a group of people from across Teddington, Richmond Borough and beyond.


When we heard that Imperial College were planning to sell these fields we came together to try to influence the sale process so that these much-loved and much-needed playing fields were preserved.


We were devastated when Imperial went back on their commitment not to sell to a developer. We have never doubted that any plan for development will ultimately fail, and we shall fight for Udney Park to be restored in full to public ownership.


Some things in life are just wrong ... building on our local playing fields is one of them.

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