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Mythbusters - response to Quantum/CIC Addressing Opposition

Friends of Udney Park said...

“Physical activity and sport benefit health and society” 

Quantum (AHH) claim...

Yes, it does. When the space becomes publicly owned rather than privately, as it is at present, it will significantly increase the amount of sport played. Alongside first class sporting facilities, the space will offer informal physical activity and recreation with a new public park, fitness trail and outdoor gym; none of which are currently available.

Friends of Udney Park respond to Quantum's (AHH) claim...

We don’t need to create an ugly precedent of building on playing fields to deliver a sustainable future for Udney Park as a community facility.

The GLA Planning Officer said “It is acknowledged that the proposal would enhance sporting facilities. However, this could be achieved through the redevelopment of the site in a manner that accords with the relevant London Plan. The proposed development on protected playing fields breaks the National Planning Policy and the London Plan and is not supported”

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