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Mythbusters - response to Quantum/CIC Addressing Opposition

Friends of Udney Park said...

“Housing targets do not require green space sacrifices” 

Quantum (AHH) claim...

If the AHH proposal is successful only 3.2 of the 12.7 acres will be used to provide affordable housing for the elderly and a new GP Surgery. The remainder of the land, for the first time in its history, will be publicly accessible; a landscaped open space with significantly more trees and hedges, habitat creation, wildlife pond, orchard, and a wild meadow, given to Teddington free of charge.

Friends of Udney Park respond to Quantum's (AHH) claim...

Quantum promote that they call “affordable housing”, essentially an equity-share model not subsidised low-cost social housing. The “C2 – for over 55s”  classification of housing that Quantum propose is disputed by the Council and the GLA. In Quantum’s Planning Application they state “Quantum contends that no affordable housing provision is required” precisely to avoid making a contribution to low-cost housing. 


Cllr Bennett said "Quantum flouts almost everything we consider in Planning, it's a no brainer to refuse Planning Permission"


For Quantum to claim environmental benefits is ironic. Quantum have challenged Tree Preservation Orders. Quantum have avoided an Environmental Impact Assessment. The Council Planning Officer said “Udney Park could be designated as a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation (SMINC) for its habitat mosaic and species assemblage. This site is unique in the local environment, due to its corridor contribution between the River Thames and Bushy Park”

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