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Mythbusters - response to Quantum/CIC Addressing Opposition

Friends of Udney Park said...

“The community will bear the short-term and long-term costs of the development” 

Quantum (AHH) claim...

The land and the facilities will be given to the community FREE of charge at ZERO cost to the tax payer. This proposal offers a sustainable future for the space, ensuring it is well managed and financially secure. The TCSG CIC has secured funding from AHH to ensure the facilities are supported until the community and sports facilities are sustainable.

Friends of Udney Park respond to Quantum's (AHH) claim...

The TCSG CIC, whilst supported by well-meaning community volunteers that we fully respect, is not independent of Quantum. The CIC is funded by Quantum and now has a Quantum employee as a Director. Will the CIC prioritise access to the 2 clubs that have endorsed Quantum?

As Cllr Knight said “do not believe, for one second, that Quantum partnering with local organisations is anything other than camouflage for a grubby land deal”


Quantum has already caused 4 years of delay to full community ownership of Udney Park and considerable distress to many people affected by their Plans.  

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